Client - Unicef
Category Digital, Social 
Creative team - Luis Paladino, Art Director / André Alves Afonso, Creative Supervisor / Nossa, Creative Direction ​​​​​​​
Idea - For Unicef's Christmas campaign, we challenged the traditional belief that “Santa gets to every child” because, well, he doesn't. On the contrary, with the help of your donation, Unicef can deliver life saving gifts to every child in the world.
Results In just10 days Unicef raised more than 66.000 EUR, divided into:
- 1.630.000 purifying water tablets;
- 53.370 vaccines against measles;
- 34.350 therapeutic food;
- 16.592 high protein biscuits;
- 242 winter kits;
- 34 school kits;
- 16 manual water pumps;

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