Don’t let his innocent eyes fool you. You’re looking at a very strange kid.
He became the world’s youngest atheist at the age of three, when he asked his mom “how can God touch every person’s heart? He’d need giant arms."
From 6 to 9 years old, he had trouble falling asleep. He would stand at the bottom of the stairs looking up, holding his favorite pillow, and when his father asked him why he couldn’t sleep he would reply “dad, what happens when we die?”.
On weekends, his uncles and grandparents had to hide their decorations because he’d burst in and touch, twist and shake every single thing, from ancient knifes to little porcelain cats.
He was a curious little guy, always asking weird questions and being inconvenient. Fortunately, that stuck with him.
He’s 28 now and was lucky enough to find a career that rewards him for doing what he does naturally.
With almost 4 years of experience, he firmly believes that a creative’s greatest weapon is the question mark.
What do you think?
- Winner, Film  - Cannes Young Lions Portugal 
-Silver, with the work “The Imaginary Collection” - Clube de Criativos Portugal

- Winner, with the work “Adopt a Bacalhau” - ADCE The Greatness Challenge  
- Silver, with the work “The Walker Social Media” - Clube de Criativos Portugal 
- Shortlist, Open Brief -  Clube de Criativos Portugal
- Shortlist, Open Brief - Lusos Awards

- Finalist, with the work “EDP Eco Badge” - Eurobest Young Creatives Competition
- Silver, with the work “Galp Go” - Young Lisbon

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