Elias João - Creative Copywriter and Stategist
Elias João - Creative Copywriter and Stategist
Creative Supervision by André Afonso
Copy by João Elias
Art Direction by Luis Paladino


We’re all familliar with donation campaigns.

The mood is epic, trying to touch our hearts, but the message always seems standardized.

As if people are affraid to say things in a manner that doesn’t seem “nice”.

So, this year, we did things differently. 

For Unicef’s Christmas campaign, we decided to challenge the traditional belief that “Santa gets to every child”.

Well, he doesn’t. There are places in the world where even he can’t reach.


Campaign Results:
Unicef raised more than 66.000 EUR, divided into:
- 1.630.000 purifying water tablets;
- 53.370 vaccines against measles;
- 34.350 therapeutic food;
-16.592 high protein biscuits;
- 242 winter kits;
- 34 school kits;
- 16 manual water pumps;

The box of hope

The presents delivered by Unicef are the “Boxes of hope”.

They carry food, school supplies,  clothes, water purification tablets,  tents that serve as shelter, among other crutial things.

Physical PostCard

We developed a strategy to increase donations: every person, instead of offering something common

to a family member or friend, could buy a “Box of Hope” and the donation was made in their family member or friend’s name.

To notify their family member or friend, a Physical PostCard is sent to their home.

The person that buys the “Box of Hope”, receives a confirmation e-mail.