Elias João - Creative Copywriter and Stategist
Copy by João Elias
Art Direction by Pedro Almeida

Project featured on


“The project calls our attention to expressions with racist conotation used in Portugal for many many years.

Because they have been said for so long, people lost the ability to think them through, and that generates what the two creatives call Unconscious Racism.  

Pedro Almeida and João Elias want to raise awareness and make portuguese people think before they speek.“

- Marketeer Magazine , 17 June 2020. 

“The images have plain backgrounds without any noise, movement or strident colors. The focus is the message.

The expressions are incomplete so people can automatically fill them with the words black (preto/preta) and the N-word (negro/negra), ultimately realizing that they have
been unconscious racists. 

This project is also a creative way of making portuguese people want to know more about the origin of these expressions.”

- Briefing Magazine , 17 June 2020.